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A simple and effective way to help those in your local community.

100% of donor funds go directly to the person in need 

What's the big idea?

At time of economic crisis many want to help those in need, but don't know the most effective way to give, often a little, sometimes more, to people with genuine need.

Acts 435 focuses on providing specific practical help for those people locally known through the church to be in need in small but significant ways.

How does it work


Acts 435 is a website that directly links those wanting to give with those needing their help.  This happens simply through online giving, with the Church providing a physical, face-to-face meeting point where church volunteers, called advocates, meet with those in need and post these needs on the Acts 435 website.

100% of what is donated via Act 435 goes directly to those in need.  Nothing is removed to cover administration costs - if you give £80 for a cooker, that full £80 will go to puchase that item. 


Lives changed through Acts 435:

Even a small gift can make a big difference...


To school with pride!

With the help of a donation of £95 from Acts 435 a young lady can now walk with her friends around school without unkind jibes from her classmates.  her uniform now fits and is the correct colour for her age - she seems to have more spring in her step and is a lot more confident in herself.  Gone are the days of getting into trouble for not having a PE kit as she wears her new, fitting, kit with pride.


The simple pleasure of a carpet

An Acts 435 donation of £100 enabled one lady the pleasure of living in a decently carpeted house, something manyof us take for granted, especially during the cold winter months.


No more piles of washing lying around

After weeks of falling over piles of washing lying around, Sara now has space to move around her kitchen.  With two young children and no washing machine, nor transport to go to the launderette, life had been incredibly difficlut.  Thanks to the generosity of Acts 435 donors, she was able to purchase a washing machine and can was whenever she need to.

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Daily Prayers

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The Big Sleep Out

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