Although we suspect we may not have answered all your questions about our work with Hope Into Action, please take a look below at our most often asked questions!

If there is something else you may like to know, please make an enquiry here!

Q. Why do we do this?

A. Hope into Action is about fulfilling Luke 4 18-19: Here Jesus describes a holistic outreach which includes: proclamation, serving the poor, and releasing prisoners (both metaphorical i.e. prisoner to drugs and literal).

The Hope into Action model enables the church to do that in a more meaningful, long-term way, giving the client dignity and respect. It complements the hostel approach to homeless.

Q. What is the need?

A. There is the need for more accommodation for the homeless and vulnerable within Lincoln.

With many vulnerable women in Lincoln, and domestic violence being prevalent, providing a safe environment for these women, is so important.

Q. What are the priorities in our community?

A. Hope into Action would love to see the church meeting some of the needs of the homeless in your community – sadly it will never meet all of it. The model we propose combines a professional expertise with a sense of community and spiritual support that only the church can offer.

Q. As well as a home what additional support will people receive?

A. Hope into Action will provide a support worker who will manage: referral routes, needs and risk assessments, tenancy, benefits, rent collection, support and linking into other agencies. They will also work closely with the church to try and liaise, advise church members. They will also write prayer updates.

From the church: We would like the church to appoint a small group of people who will lead on the following:
a) committing to pray on a weekly basis,
b) committing to try and be-friend and meet occasionally with the tenants.
c) liaise with other church members over particular issues that might arise: eg he is a gardener and there might be a guy in the church who needs some help in the garden. There might be a curry evening and they will try and invite them along to it etc

Q. What is a social investment?

A. This is a responsible investment that gives a reasonable return on the income and at the same time achieves an economic, social or environmental benefit.

Q. Who will own the property?

A. The property can be owned by an investor, the church, HomeMatchMaker, Hope into Action or perhaps a group of investors.

Q. How many people in the house?

A. We will aim to buy a house that can support 2 to 3 people. Part of the ethos of this is to provide quality accommodation to the tenants. Remember this are ‘vulnerable adults’ and might come with a range of issues. Living with other people is not always easy and if you have much more than 2 or 3 in a house together you will soon:
a) need to provide 24 hour or more intensive care.
b) increase the risk of arguments etc.

Q. Will we mix male with female?

A. No. We would not mix genders in such a small house.

Q. How long will tenants stay in the house?

A. The purpose of the house is to provide a half way home with support and enable the tenants to live independent of support. However we do not stipulate how long this will be. For some the support will short, for others the needs will be require longer term support.

Q. Is it ethical to evict a tenant?

A. The last thing we want to do is to ask people to leave the house. We will do everything to avoid this and will have rules and clear boundaries on acceptable behaviour. These will be agreed by every tenant living in the house. But there do also need to be consequences for boundaries broken. This is consistent with the ethos of every school, youth group and hostel in the country.

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