Our Dream

We dream of churches everywhere giving the homeless, homes. We dream of the homeless re-building their lives.

We want churches to make a difference to people’s lives rather than a temporary solution. We see 100’s of church based volunteers bringing something unique and brilliant (acceptance, love and community) to the lives of the homeless. We want churches to offer intelligent, informed, relational support.

We see a time when it is normal practice for Christian investment portfolios to include investing in a home for the homeless.

We see a time where people accept the best way to give the homeless dignity and a chance to truly transform is through sharing our wealth, being community based and church volunteer lead.

How we will make that happen:

A small but significant and sustainable model of social housing which will be rolled out across Lincoln city and the wider county of Lincolnshire up into the Wolds and Grimsby. Each home will house 2-3 people each year, taking them from a place of homelessness, despair and isolation to a place of Hope, with a fulfilling life and active contributor to their community.

There are multiple agencies and organisations working with the homeless in Lincolnshire offering projects such as foodbanks, furniture and clothes banks, job clubs but they are often disparate, underfunded and working in pockets of isolation. There are some good models of joined-up working which should be highlighted and widely promoted. HomeMatchMaker envisions being an enabler for joined up and coherent practice for agencies. We would like to lead on the mapping process across our City and county identifying the areas of need

By funding and building the team we will be enabled to roll out the housing project over the next 3 years:

Each Christmas to God willing we will be providing services across the county to:

Yr 1: 6 homeless people a home and life changing pathway out of poverty, supported by 3 churches, 21 church befrienders/mentors and 3 homes.

Yr 2: 6 more, so 12 in total homeless people this year have a home & life changing pathway out of poverty supported by 6 churches, 42 church befrienders/mentors and 6 homes.

Yr 3: 8 more, so 20 in total homeless people will sleep safe each night in our 10 homes, supported by our 70 church befrienders/mentors backed by 10 local churches.

Yr 4: As each house is funded by a social investor, housing benefit pays the rent and each house is calculated at generating £8,500 p.a. the income will in year 4 be sufficient to cover running costs, support workers and administrative support costs.

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Daily Prayers

Please include us in your daily prayers! Each morning as a team we gather together to pray. Please join us when you can and include our work in your daily prayers. Read our full article, to see our prayers from Monday through to Friday.


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