So far our first home in Lincoln has been for women only and had 5 women and 2 children in its pilot period.

The women were all homeless and vulnerable - cut off from friends and family living in poverty. There appears to be a pattern appearing.

Please take a moment to take in Bev's story to help you understand a little more about what we do.


“Just 4 months ago I was empty, felt nothing, was nothing, sleeping in drug dens and dirty. I went to prison for 6 weeks because I stole, there I met Vicar Andy and did the Alpha course. The prison put me in touch with HMM and the HIA Lincs project who visited me in prison then came and met me at the gates and gave me a home.
St Peters Church have helped me furnish my home, I have a great housemate who I get along well with.  Do you know they have even helped me get my health sorted, I have support for my DVT, Im seeing a counsellor to talk about the rape and abuse, I have a new set of teeth built for me and people say I smile more! Not surprising really as now I feel hope, safe, like lifes worth living and I have even been intouch with my sister of 12 years. What would I say to anyone thinking about going to a HMM/HIA home? If I can do it anyone can. Go for it, its life changing!”
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Daily Prayers

Please include us in your daily prayers! Each morning as a team we gather together to pray. Please join us when you can and include our work in your daily prayers. Read our full article, to see our prayers from Monday through to Friday.


Hope Into Action Win Award

Hope into Action tenant presented with prestigious award at the House of Lords! Huge congratulations to Carl, one of our Hope into Action tenants, who was invited to the House of Lords this week by the Langley House Trust and Kainos Community to receive the Chairman’s award. Carl was one


The Big Sleep Out

A few weeks ago, Hope Into Action help 'The big Sleep Out' - here is what some people had to say about the night.. “On Saturday morning I woke up with a greater understanding and huge sympathy for all those who do this night after night. It was freezing, scary