Part of Hope Into Action’s mission, supported by HomeMatchMaker - is to mobilise, unite and utilise latent skills and talents to support both those who are currently homeless and vulnerable.


We train volunteers to mentor the vulnerable adults in our houses.

We also need a whole variety of volunteers to help with the running of our office… So, if you think you would like to volunteer then please get in touch today!

All the churches that we work with are able to offer people prepared to volunteer and support our overall mission!

If you would like to volunteer and offer support and training to the people within our community, please get in touch by making an enquiry here.

We are particularly looking for volunteers who can offer a varied range of skills such as:

  • People Skills
  • Finance Skills
  • Maintenance Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Administration Skills
  • HR Skills

And much more! You name it we will need it!

So, if you think you have some skills, talents or passions that you might be able to offer then we would love to hear from you.

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Daily Prayers

Please include us in your daily prayers! Each morning as a team we gather together to pray. Please join us when you can and include our work in your daily prayers. Read our full article, to see our prayers from Monday through to Friday.


Hope Into Action Win Award

Hope into Action tenant presented with prestigious award at the House of Lords! Huge congratulations to Carl, one of our Hope into Action tenants, who was invited to the House of Lords this week by the Langley House Trust and Kainos Community to receive the Chairman’s award. Carl was one


The Big Sleep Out

A few weeks ago, Hope Into Action help 'The big Sleep Out' - here is what some people had to say about the night.. “On Saturday morning I woke up with a greater understanding and huge sympathy for all those who do this night after night. It was freezing, scary